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About Proma.net

Promanet is a provider of internet marketplaces which offers a platform to users seeking or offering special services or partnerships.

The users have the possibility to enter their inquiry into a database and thereby find the appropriate partners.

Through the module system of the Promanet database supporting software it is possible to serve niche markets, for which the maintenace of a adequate marketplace alone would not be profitable.

So for example we will offer platforms for sponsor seekers and sponsors, entrepreneurs and capital providers, models, artists and agencies, pilots and aviation companies and others.

The aim is to establish Promanet as the global leader in internet marketplaces for their respective target groups.

Initially the websites will be offered beside the English language as well in German. Spanish and French translations will follow as well as other languages. In cooperation with a provider of translation software we are developing a system to show database entries automatically multilingual.

On a long-term view agents will be established for the individual languages to support the customers in their own language and to manage the promotion of the websites in their countries.

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